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" I want guests to

Instantly get the feeling

of entering a home,

as soon as they cross the DOORWAY ". Chef Sergio

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Chef Sergio & Pasquale

The excellent relationship we have built with suppliers

and joint passion for their commitment to

animal welfare and top quality produce are crucial

to the high standards that we strive for.





The quality of the raw materials, as well as authenticity and simplicity, is at he heart of the philosophy of GEM 42 Restaurant  that has selected, only the best of what the WELSH  market  & FARMERS offer, respecting fully the change of the seasons. Every single ingredient has its own importance, and each dish has its own history and is designed to make the most of every ingredient.

 With a Conviction that beauty lies in simple things, USING FRESH LOCAL PRODUCE AND only QUALITY INGREDIENTS, What we can offer, is what we learned from the past, where you take the best of cooking and keep improving using culinary vanguard approach and techniques that simply evaluate your perception of food. some of the dishes are unique in flavoUrs and culinary concept..We are living in an era where modern technology is bringing a revolution beyond any imagination .For modern society people eating, is not longer what satiates or keeps alive,  but something that brinGS enjoyment to the senseS SINCE FOOD  DEALS WITH THE FIVE SENSES. The wine list is rich,  and full of personality  with GREAT OFFERS OF WINE -PAIRING and HOMEMADE Kombucha come into the pairing equation, with a vengeance.





Tradition with Innovation,

A Culinary Journey

Chef Sergio started his culinary journey at a young age , he obtained a Diploma after studying  for 5 years  At the Istituto  Alberghiero (Food Culinary Academy ) in Teano Italy. 

While studying at the food academy he also took part in National competition and at age 15 he was awarded Young chef of the year, and at age 16 awarded Gold medal- at the dessert fiera di Rimini

and took part in training stage formation program across Europe.

                         In the following years, Chef Sergio`s culinary repertoire develops during his academy formation

and also with  working experience

which included several Michelin starred establishments.(1992 The elBulli, Catalonia ,Spain ) 

(1996-Dal Pescatore  Canneto sull'Oglio,Mantua, Italy).

(1997- restaurant de l`hotel de Ville de Crisseir Switzerland)

Chef Sergio, continued in education  and after graduating from Cardiff University,

sought opportunities to further develop his own creativity as a professional chef

and together with his twin brother Pasquale,

a professional patissier chef, also with broad international experience , decided to start together in 2002 a new venture,              

 Gemelli`s desserts a manufactures desserts company distributing to both retail and foodservice channels, 

With a tradition of incorporating the highest quality ingredients to their  successful line of desserts including cakes, gourmet desserts bars, patisserie biscuits, individual desserts, premium cheesecake and mousses. 

Some years later in 2013

Gemelli Restaurant Spytty Retail Park . 

That same year, Gemelli's Restaurant was recognised at the Welsh hospitality awards

and was voted best Italian establishment in Wales.

Furthermore, in 2016 Gemelli was acclaimed as Best Restaurant in Wales at the Welsh food and drink awards.

Moreover, in 2017 they were awarded as the best Italian restaurant in Wales. 

Gemelli Restaurant in 2016 received 2 AA Rosettes for culinary excellence

and Sergio is asked to join the  Welsh Culinary Team Brigade. One year later in 2017-18

Sergio is awarded best Italian chef in Wales.

 2018 Healthy dish of the year and Best Italian Restaurant in Wales at the Welsh Hospitality Awards.

So, the culinary repertoire flourished during an internship with Chefs around the Country

and Sergio and his brother Pasquale saw the opportunity to expand and opened a boutique restaurant,

Gem 42, here they  elevated the cuisine not only by the use of  food approach

and techniques but primarily by using quality local ingredients, 

presenting modern variations of Mediterranean cuisine

and introducing fresh seasonal ingredients utilising foraged herbs, quality olive oil Welsh  meat and fresh fish.

Chef Sergio at Gem 42 Restaurant is committed to present to its customers  a seasonal menu, 

reflecting also his  most recent travels, keeping in mind the traditional methods and recipes but with innovation.

Gem 42 only after few months of opening its doors receives 2 AA Rosettes.

And chef Sergio was has been complimented for his  popular signature dishes ;

Orkney scallop & egg 55-55 had a great reviews from Wales on line, food critics and bloggers.

In November 2018 chef Sergio, with the Welsh Culinary Team

took part in the Culinary World Cup held in Luxembourg and successfully took home the Silver Medal,

and not long after his return to wales, he was asked to be the Captain of the Welsh Culinary Team.

He has been leading the Team as a Captain with commitment and passion ever since.

We take the opportunity to wish the chef Sergio and the entire Welsh Team our Congratulation for their  great success and achievements and wish them all the best for the new ventures ahead.











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