Gourmet Club42 Event 

October 29th


 Wild  Mushrooms and Truffles 

Perfect way to reward, entertain or say thank you to an  important clients,member of staff and let's not forget  family & friends  - an evening they'll remember and we can organise everything!



Wine Tasting 

 Sommelier and wine Producer Marco Cuscito.

(from SETTEANIME S.r.l. – Società Agricola www.setteanime.com.)

Will be explaining and demonstrate ‘how to taste and then compare and contrast wines side by side .

Teach about each wine as you gain a first hand experience of how to compliment food with the right wine.He will introduce  the wine listed below,talking about tradition and evolution of every single bottle ;giving you the opportunity to order wine boxes directly from him on the evening.


Wines 1 & 2 White Wine – Old World vs New World

Wine 3 ‘How to Taste Wine’ & Factors affecting style.

Wines 4 to match -Pasta & earthy dish.

Wine 5 Wine to match dessert.

 Wine 1) Prosecco Superiore Docg Brut EX.5

 Wine 2)Incrocio Manzoni 6.0.13 DOC

 Wine 3)Refosco IGT

Wine 4)Raboso Furioso DOC

Wine 5 Raboso Curioso 


Chef Sergio Cinotti

in Collaboration with local farmers, is presenting a unique tasting menu showcasing local produce and   avant-garde culinary approach, using liquid nitrogen for your amuse aperitif,   Dehydrated wine  leaves that will connect you with Autumn season and the exclusive wine served on the night from  passionate producer and of course selection of wild mushrooms and truffles.

Here you have something

that you should  know before the evening;

  Mushrooms are visible to the naked eye as they grow above the earth, whereas truffles grow underground in depth between 5 and 10 cm. Truffles are usually collected by specialists who have special skills and experience to explore this type of flora. Sometimes, truffle collectors use some animals such as pigs and dogs to discover this type of underground fungus. This is based on their high sensitivity to the characteristic truffle volatile compounds. Traditionally, mushrooms and truffles are taken as type of precious food and consumed either raw or cooked. In addition, they have been also applied as main component of folk medicine. This was based on the fact that they are rich source for proteins, amino acids, fatty acids, fiber, minerals, vitamins, terpenoids, sterols, flavor compounds, and carbohydrates  including cognition, oral health, weight management, and reduced risk of cancer, the mushroom market is expected to grow. It is also claimed that mushrooms and truffles exert an immunomodulatory effect through interaction with the gut microbiota.

 Ticket to be collected at Gem 42 

Special Offer

£ 42.5 per person





Celebrating our First Club 42 

Autumn Five Course Mushroom & Truffles Lovers


    Wine Tasting 



      Dinner Intro 

     Gin & Tonic Nitro-Aperitif


 To Start

Mushrooms and Truffle Veloute` | Sea Plankton on Cloud | Vine Leaves.

  To Follow

130 Days Aged Gorgonzola| Crystals of White Balsamic Vinegar ,Mushroom Ketchup | Beet-root| Back Garlic Bread. 

    To Compliment

       Jerusalem Artichoke “Baked in Clay”

        Black Truffle | Hen of the Wood.

    To Indulge

                 Spaghetti Chitarra | Wild                                Mushrooms| Almond Pesto.

       To Finish

       Deconstructed Sicilian Cannolo| Porcini                Mushrooms Ice Cream. 


 All of our food is prepared fresh in our kitchen, which is an environment  where allergens are present. Please speak to our Restaurant Manager or Executive Chef if you have any questions or special requirements.