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The overall score is not affected by spelling errors, even if they exist. The exception is errors related to terms and concepts.

Essay writing tips

It is necessary from the very beginning to think about what the general structure of the presentation will be. It is important to prepare clichés, to prepare relevant examples for each of the topics.

Topics for applicants are almost never disclosed in advance. Therefore, it is recommended to focus on the most popular destinations associated with 1 out of 5 blocks.

The general structure is practically not undergoing adjustments. Any mini-essay should contain the following blocks:

  • List of main citations.

  • Description of the affected problem.

  • Explanation of the essence of the statement.

  • A look at the problem from the perspective of the author himself.

  • Argumentation.

  • Bringing examples.

  • Findings.

Experts often agree on what is definitely not worth writing about in essays. For example, it is not necessary to prove the relevance of the disclosed issue. It is recommended to abandon the biographies of famous personalities from the examples and authors of the sources that are written about in the work. Graduates waste time on these blocks, although they do not add to the total points. It is better to reveal in detail the meaning of statements and give correct examples.

Features of using cliches

You need to work out a list of clichés in advance that will help you compose a competent text with minimal time. Many try to look for ready-made examples in order to memorize them completely. With this option, you need to be vigilant - not every of the texts cited is relevant to the present moment.

Even the examples on the website are not always suitable as examples. Most of them were compiled by 2013 and earlier. It is better to focus on blanks that remain relevant.

Conciseness and integrity of presentation remain the most important requirements for students of all levels. The most important thing is to reveal the chosen topic from all sides. To get the best results, you need to do the following:

  1. Get to the core of the problem.

  2. Choose the right quotes.

  3. Building a chain with reasoning.

In this case, all blocks must form a single whole. It is recommended to return to the main idea from time to time so as not to miss anything.

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