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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn


About Us

We focus on investigating "forgotten ingredients"  emphasizing a natural,
and  more healthy way of eating. 

Our latest Project

In recent years, at Gem42 we have established a dedicated Test – Lab kitchen in which to create freely without the pressures of a normal, working kitchen, and create our restaurants new dishes, ideas, and techniques. Some of these projects dig into the research of new seeds, planting and cultivation, some delve into developing of new menus and working on food & Fermentation.  

The policy at Gem42 is Zero Waste, and the vibe is recovery. We use quality, fresh, and healthy ingredients with nothing thrown away. Gem42, aims to avoid food leftovers, and if any little waste is produced, is composted, and recycled.

Chef Sergio says: "Our menu have dishes that highlight the use of the whole ingredient, whether that’s nose to tail, root to fruit or indeed tail to fin”. Gem42 menu, is full of pickled and preserved items which is also a sign of a chef committed to extracting maximum value from ingredients. 

"The real Heroes in our Restaurant are the Ingredients" 
Chef Sergio.

The quality of the raw materials, as well as authenticity and simplicity, is at the heart of the philosophy of Gem42 Restaurant that has selected, only the best of what the Welsh market & Farmers offer, respecting fully the change of the seasons. Gem42 offers a seasonal menu, influenced by homegrown ingredients, in fact where possible we grow, forage or farm as much of the produce we use.

Every single ingredient has its own importance, and each dish has its own story to tell, designed to make the most of every ingredient. 

Our wine list is rich, and full of personality, a love affair with grape variety. We work with a range of low intervention, organic and biodynamic artisanal wines producers with great offers of wine pairing and also home-made  Kombucha pairing, which comes into the equation, with a great success.

Vegetable Picking


Influenced by Italian / French cuisine and inspired by many years lived in Wales, Gem42 is the culinary vision of Twin Brothers Chef Sergio and Pastry Chef Pasquale . Their passion for cooking and for the world of Hospitality, started at a young age and was nurtured with 5 years

 at the Scuola Alberghiero Teano, a renowned Culinary Academy in Teano CE. (Italy) a passion that from there has grown and led them to work in different patisseries and fine dining establishments all over Europe. Their respect and love for nature, fresh produce and cooking has been a major part of their life. Their earliest memories as children having fun with muddy shoes foraging in the Italian countryside or of days on their family fishing boat in the Adriatic Sea.

This love and respect for homegrown vegetables and fresh ingredients is the foundation of the Cinotti’s Brothers cooking and their inspiration behind their work. Chef Sergio and Pasquale culinary formations started during their food academy years in Teano Italy, but then developed  with working experience which included several Michelin starred establishments, to name a few relevant to their formation - (1992 -The El Bulli, Catalonia ,Spain).  (1996 - Dal Pescatore  Canneto sull'Oglio,Mantova, Italy).

(1997- Restaurant de L’hôtel de Ville de Crisseir Switzerland).

They both continued in further education and come to the Uk and graduated from Cardiff University, while in Wales sought opportunities to further develop their own creativity as  professional chefs and together started a Desserts Manufacturing Company "Gemelli Desserts" distributing to both retail and foodservice channels, with a tradition of incorporating the highest quality ingredients to their successful line of desserts, including cakes, gourmet desserts bars, patisserie biscuits, individual desserts, premium cheesecake and mousses. With Gemelli, a popular dessert manufacturer in Newport, Cardiff and Monmouthshire, the twins, built a hugely successful business, decided to rediscover their passion for the hospitality industry.


In 2018, Sergio and Pasquale saw the opportunity to start a new venture  “Gem" ( the Root  word for Gemini, - Gemelli -  twins in Italian ) and follow their shared passion for hospitality and do what they do best!
"Simple and honest food" .

Their decision, quickly proved them right , on that same year Chef Sergio is awarded best Italian chef in Wales in 2018.
In November 2018, Chef Sergio with the Welsh Culinary Team
took part in the Culinary World Cup held in Luxembourg and successfully took home the Silver Medal, and not long after his return to Wales, in 2019 he was asked to be the Captain of the Welsh Culinary Team for the Culinary Olympics in Germany. So, the culinary repertoire flourished during an internship with Chefs around the Country.
In 2019 Gem 42 was awarded Healthy dish of the year and Best Italian Restaurant in Wales at the Welsh Hospitality Awards. In 2022 Gem42 has received  3AARosettes for Culinary Excellence and awarded AA Restaurant of the Year -Wales 2022/23 .The Welsh restaurant Award 2023 Winner and recently presented with the AA Notable Wine List.

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