Dear friends and customers, everybody in Newport and the surrounding area knows the renowned Patisserie manufacturer, Gemelli Desserts . The awards winning company was founded by Pastry Chef Pasquale Cinotti  in 1998 and over the past decades, shrugging off the weight of tradition, he has created modern confections that rely on new ideas, techniques and flavour combinations, and his success has inspired  many.


Having trained in the art of pastry making , both in Italy and in France, Chef Pasquale  was inspired to combine the two sensibilities, slipping Italian ingredients into French confections – a Tiramisu’ Opéra, a Sicilian Pistachio Eclair, a Tuscany Poire Belle Helen – and applying the Italian eye for detail to the desserts presentation . 



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Here at Gem42, Chef Pasquale is leading a team of enthusiastic and experienced pastry chefs . What he does is, to recapture childhood emotions and culinary journeys by revisiting the classics of French and Italian pastry and applying, contemporary knowledge to create modern versions of traditional dessert-cakes.

Whether your inclination is classic or modern, Gem42  offer fresh and vibrantly flavourful desserts that are sure to hit your sweet spot.

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Beautiful Designer Cakes


Custom made Celebration Cakes for every occasion

Artistically designed and hand crafted using only the finest ingredients sourced from around the world, our award-winning creations not only look spectacular but taste seriously delicious too.

For arranging your special celebration cake, please call us on 01633 287591



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Wedding Cakes 


Making your wishes come true 


To begin your wedding cake journey please contact us on 01633 287591 and we will guide you through the process from initial ideas to your bespoke wedding cake.




Offering a truly personalised service, we work collaboratively with clients and event suppliers, drawing ideas and inspiration from every detail of your event to ensure your cake and dessert table are the perfect representation of your wedding day.

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