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                               Book Now Your Caviar Experience                                          Four different World's Speciality Caviar                                

Caviar Experience


Classic Oscietra|

White Sturgeon|    River Beluga|     Classic Siberian|   

(10 Gr. each tin)

Served With Our Signature    Amuse-Bouche Pairing 


Classic Siberian

The Siberian sturgeon is one of the smallest of sturgeon  in the world,native of the fluvial basin of Siberia.It matures in around five years,producing firm pearls that vary in size depending on the age, and are dark grey to amber colour. The pearls literally pop in the mouth releasing a unique clean crispy nutty flavour.  

river beluga

Is one of the largest fresh water fish in the world.Distinctively firm and

  large lustrious grey pearls.These exquisitely rich pearls have a mild,creamy,buttery,nutty flavour.

Imperial Oscietra 

Amur sturgeon can live more then 30 years. The larges can grow more to over three metres and weigh more than 190 kg.this long -lived 

fish only starts to produce its characteristics

large grey-to emerald coloured eggs at the age of ten.

The pearls are of a full-bodied flavour with a hint of fruity freshness,

that settles in a long-lasting note on the palate.  

White Sturgeon

 This Storgeon produce on of the most elegant dark lustrous pearls.

The texture and taste make this roe a truly

sophisticated experience for any gourmand,

leaving them wanting for more.this is a caviar of multiple dimensions,

a buttery creamy texture that is almost sweet

with a delicate note

that lingers on the palate.

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