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New Year's Eve 

Menu Dégustation

Tasting Menu £ 110

Our New Year's Eve menu have been designed by our Chef Sergio Cinotti  to give you different visual on gastronomy, combining classic dishes, modern approach, artistry and molecular science, Contrasting flavours, textures and temperatures, incorporating the five tastes;

Salt |Sweet | Sour | Bitter |Umami.

Our Desserts are Created by our patron Pastry Chef Pasquale Cinotti using only the best ingredients sourced by our team and transformed into something special to end your meal.






4 Glasses Of Matched Wine Are Available Alongside The Menu At £48


4 Glasses Of Matched Kombucha Are Available Alongside The Menu At £28




Amuse Bouche

A selection of Snacks from the Chef 


Duck Parfait Ethical Foie Gras

Pink Grapefruit Chutney | Toasted Seeds.


 Chargrilled Pasta 

Courgettes | Almonds | Cockles | Prawns.


Sea Bream

Sea Plankton   | Vegetable Mirepoix |

Citrus | Fennel . 


Palate Cleanser 


Galloway Beef

Potato Terrine | Winter Truffle



Christmas Pudding Gelato  

Bergamot sablé | Caraway Tuile.

Paired Pre-Dessert Wine 

Extra £15.00 (Sauternes |1995 - Sigalas Rabaud )


Firework Canvas

Crémeux | Cactus Leaves Gelato | Meringue |            

Fermented Berries | Pain d'épice sable`.

 Paired Dessert Wine

 Extra £ 14.00  (Malvasia delle Lipari D.O.C.) 







Before ordering please make us aware of any requests, food allergies or intolerances that you may have;    
  We will be more than happy to offer suitable alternatives. 

A discretionary 12.5% service charge

will be added to your bill .

The Restaurant on New Year"s eve will not  be closing at 10:30pm but at 11 pm.
Sparkling Wine
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